Polar Bear Run 19 January 27th 2018
Welcome to the website for the 19th Annual Polar Bear Run. This year we are going for a first - we are heading out of the State of Virginia to see a museum filled with all kinds of stuff from the 1890s to after World War 2. The museum is so big there is an admission fee but you will get a tour guide to give you all the 411 details about the stuff because some of it you may not have seen before. We are also going to eat at an all-you-can-hold-down buffet of southern BBQ and fried foods along with a few of those veggies and of course waistline expanding deserts. Plus you get to brag that you and your old heap made it there and back on another Polar Bear Run.

There are two rules for the Polar Bear Run. ONE - we leave precisely on time just like the military Secretary of Defense Mad Dog Mattis sends to take out North Korea. If you arrive late we will be gone - try to follow the smell of carbon dioxide. TWO - make sure your vehicle can make it without breaking down. If you do break down do not expect help - we will drive right past you laughing. If you still have the brass balls to go then sign up using the form below.

The Scuzzy Details

> > > We will leave the Walmart of Petersburg parking lot at 3500 South Crater Road, Petersburg, VA 23805 at precisely 9:00 AM Saturday January 27th 2018 (we will park by Crater Road - go into Walmart and pee - we are going to go about an hour before the next bathroom and there could be a line). Driving directions to the start point.

> > > We will be going for almost an hour before arriving at the first destination. We will stop and shop and you can get a cup of java and even breakfast but the stop will only last 25 minutes.

> > > Don't piss around - take off when the leader does.

> > > Bring $$$ - you WILL spend them. Admission to the museum is precisely $8.56 tax included. Buffet meal is $12.50 tax not included. These are per person.

> > > NOTE!!! If you cannot climb steps let me know so arrangements can be made to have the handicap entrance ready for you!

> > > It will take us about 2 hours including the 25 minute stop to get there. The museum guided tour will take 90 minutes. Then it's on to lunch at the buffet.

> > > REMEMBER - to check over your vehicle and make sure it can make it there and back. We are going to be in another state and they may not speak Virginian and they WILL not have parts for your Yugo.

> > > Be sure to sign up using the info below. These people know we are from a foreign state and they want to be warned how many of us are coming.

President Trump gives the thumb up to the Polar Bear Run. He'd like to attend but he is working on draining something he calls the "swamp". Hopefully he will get it drained and go on the run with us.

Our new Governor Northam is a car guy. Here he is at a parade with a 53 Oldsmobile. He restored one with his brother and he also owns a 1971 Corvette. He would also like to attend but he's working on "governing" and keeping the General Assembly on track.

Keep an eye on the weather. We will make changes in our schedule if it snows, sleets or fire drops from the sky as seen on your left. A combo like that can cause trouble.

If the going gets tough get the girls to pull your butt out of trouble. We are looking forward to the women getting us un-stuck.

You need to do a better job than these guys at getting your old iron ready for the run. Check fluids, check tires, check brakes, fill the gas tank and make sure you bundle up since old heaters don't work like they used to.

Don't screw around - follow the directions, take off when the leader leaves and keep up with the herd or you could end up like this guy.

Yes, signs can be confusing especially when you don't have a clue what they mean. We are going out of state and they are "different" than us. Be sure to follow all the written directions you are given. And tipping is allowed.

Women - be sure to dress warmly just like these young ladies. Wearing a lot of clothing can cut down on movement and we will be moving on this run.

Make sure your old piece of crap doesn't take a crap on the run. This could be your ride a couple weeks after the run. We won't stop if your heap stops running.

Dress like you're going on a Polar Bear Run not like Frosty the Snowman. This woman looks like a weirdo.

This is more like it! Dress appropriately like this young lady and you should expect to have some real enjoyment on the run. If you don't then you may get accused of Russian collusion.

Any schedule change due to nasty weather will be posted on the car club council website or you may contact the leader. Info is below.

You MUST Register!

Just send me an email or use the form below to let me know how many are attending. A club representative can also contact me to let me know how many club members to expect.

You can contact me by phone, email or use the form below:
Fred Fann
Phone: 804-590-9583
Email: fredfann@comcast.net

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See you on the Polar Bear Run